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Chill  .... Thai Massage Weekend Course

Traditional Thai Massage (TTM) combines flowing sequences and focused precise pressure techniques to create a unique assisted healing therapy.

This form of bodywork uses sequences of soft tissue pressing, stretching and passive movement to strengthen joints, improve flexibility and maintain good posture.

Sustained pressure with palms, thumbs, elbows and feet is used to help decrease unconscious muscle contraction. 

TTM promotes a high level of fitness by nursing and relaxing the the human skeletal system relieving connective tissue and joint pressure. One of the many side effects of this sort of bodywork is a deep state of mental relaxation.

Course Information

This weekend course investigates a variety of Traditional Thai massage techniques and concepts that masseurs require if they are to practice at an elite level. This course is designed for novice and experienced masseurs who may wish to learn more about Thai massage or who are seeking to extend their skill base.

The weekend course may be taken as a standalone event or be used as partial credit for the new Origin or TTM Pro diploma to run in September 2016. This highly interactive course focuses on the physical science that underlies touch. The study materials have been developed specifically with complete beginners and practising masseurs in mind. The course is founded on a combination of practical and theoretical modules that focus on Traditional Thai massage and Thai medicine.

The practical aspect of the course is built on the central concept of touch quality. This is one of the most fundamental factors in delivering a satisfying massage which is crucial in developing lasting client relationships. During the course you will learn how to massage with confidence by using basic Thai pressure and stretching techniques. 

You will learn how these techniques affect both the physiology and psychology needs of your clients. The topics covered will include health, stress, history and development of Asian touch therapy and health coaching. 

On completion of the course you will be capable of performing a one hour Thai style massage and will have developed a greater awareness of the role of massage in assisting healing and creating and maintaining good health. You will also have developed a greater understanding of the fundamental scientific concepts that underpin Traditional Thai massage. 

This course will not result in a qualification but will add to an industry professional development portfolio. It will allow for 10 credits towards our Origin or Thai Massage Pro diploma. 

Places on this course are limited. We recommend you book early to avoid disappointment 

Weekend Itinerary


09:30-10:30  Review of palming technique. Palming for posterior body parts

10:30-11:00   Basic stretching techniques for the posterior body 

11:00-11:15     Break 

11:15-13:00    Combining palming and stretching 

13:00-13:45    Lunch

13:45-14:15   Lecture “History and Development of TTM” 

14:15-15:00   Palming for the anterior body parts 

15:00-15:15    Break 

15:15-16:30   Stretches for the anterior body. Run through of days learning. Creating a routine 


10:00-10:30     Seven star diagnostic tool for complete health. Getting the most out of your massage.                 

10:30-11:00   Review of palming and stretching 

11:00-11:15   Break 

11:15-12:00   Massage in a seated position, pressure work with thumbs and spinal stretches.  

12:00-12:45   Lunch 

12:45-13:00   Lecture “Somatosensation: the science of touch” 

13:00-13:45   Cranial massage 

113:45-14:00   Break 

14:00-16:00   Review of complete routine

A detailed manual will be supplied with this course

Date & Venue

Chill Thai Massage Training Studio

Eglantine Avenue 

At present all our courses are on hold. 

All our courses carry a Europe-wide recognised certificate allowing those who qualify to practise in most EU countries. 

After the recent Brexit referendum result, we are reviewing the regulations around massage in Europe. 

At present, no one seems to know how things will pan out. So rather than qualify students and hand out certificates that may not be valid we are holding off for six months just to be sure that students will be adequately qualified. 

We are taking this opportunity to revise course materials and content. 


1 weekend
09:30 - 16:30 Saturday

10:00 - 16:00 Sunday 

Fee  £100  .....      10 students per weekend

Tutors: Christopher Hoey  Lynn McConnell

Course numbers: 10 people per course. Please book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment
Lunch and breaks.. organic vegetarian soup and various (yellow door) breads provided, veggie snacks, coffee and teas for breaks. 

For more information ....  please contact Lynn or Chris through our booking page.