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Our Little Wooden Buddies

You may have noticed that we have used wooden artist dolls for all our visuals on this site. We also use our little wooden buddies to show massage techniques on our course manuals. 

Apart from good visual presentation that these dolls offer. We have another more important reason for their use. 

To de-sexualise or unravel any hint of sexuality from what we do. Massage (let’s face it) has always been used as part of sexual play. It can be a very healthy sensual and erotic experience between adults in a bedroom environment. We are not prudes and whatever consenting adults choose to do in the bedroom is their business. BUT ... This is not the sort of massage that we provide. At Chill we provide Professional Massage Therapy which is distinctly different. Massage therapy is a health orientated form of bodywork orientated towards stress reduction, creating and maintaining good health. Over the past 20 years Spas, Massage Centres and Salons have been tempted into misleading clients as to the service they provide. A hint of the erotic, a touch of sexiness has proven effective in selling massage. Take a look at some of the picture that are now being used to advertise massage.

Pretty people showing just a little too much flesh 
We are in no way implying that companies that use this sort of imagery are selling anything other than professional massage. But... we believe that this sort of imagery creates the wrong impression and leads to problems that staff are then forced to deal with. At Chill we assign a massage therapist according to skill set not gender. 

If you ask for a male or female therapist please do not be offended when we say no.

Of course we do take into consideration any past history of abuse. If you feel uncomfortable with our choice of therapist, have a quiet word with our head masseur Christopher Hoey. 

All information imparted from your initial booking, consultation or during a massage is completely confidential.