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I don't  have a one-size-fits-all approach to massage. The massages listed below will give you an idea of what sort of treatments I offer. However after an initial health consultation, minor adjustments may be required. 
The health consolation takes about 10 minutes and doesn't bite into your treatment time. 
Ultimate Chill Massage


The Ultimate Chill Massage is a friction-based choreographed massage utilising warm oils with medium to strong pressure.


A suitable carrier & essential oil will be chosen depending on information gathered during consolation. The massage is a unique mix of Swedish and Asian techniques designed to bring about a deep state or physical and mental relaxation.

£45 for 60 min   

Traditional Thai Massage

This is a 2500 year old art form designed to bring the body into perfect balance. 

A sequence of gentle (but firm) pressure techniques with the thumbs, palms and feet will relax the muscle structure and quieten the mind. Light yoga style stretching is mixed into this massage helping to open the joints increasing mobility giving you a boost for the week ahead.


Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor, clients wear light, loose-fitting clothing. Oils can be added for extra relaxation.

£45 for 60 min         

Sports Massage

I have extensive experience in tailoring this type of massage to:

Cross Fit


Gym Bunnies

Thai Boxers


This massage is for the treatment of specific muscle groups before and after exercise and to aid the recovery of sports related injuries. All sports massages are personally tailored and unique to your performance/recovery needs.

£45 for 60 min   

Royal Thai Herbal Hot pack


Thai Herbal Hot Pack Massage is over 2500 years old.  This heat treatment will help to relieve physical problems such as back pain, tense shoulders and neck, stiffness, poor posture, sciatica as well as being an amazing stress buster.

Fresh herbs are wrapped in a muslin cloth and then gently steamed. These hot compresses (known as prakhop) are then systematically pressed over the body to drive heat deep  into the muscles loosening tension dramatically. 

This treatment also includes a full Traditional Thai Massage.

 £45 for 60 min      

Chill Deep Tissue Massage 

..... for the lads


A powerful tension relieving treatment, this invigorating choreographed massage with a single masculine oil incorporates classic Thai and Swedish massage therapy with deeper strokes to clear and detoxify the channels of circulation. The experience begins with medium to strong pressure and then progresses to firmer, deeper, slower strokes designed to release physical and mental tension..


Perfect for the boys!


£45  for 60 min

Sen Fusion

Sen fusion is Chris's hybrid system which uses advanced techniques from east and west gained through 30yrs years of therapeutic massage experience.

A mix of Thai, Ayurvedic and Swedish techniques & warm oils are brought together to deliver the ultimate in massage experience.

£45 for 60 min        

Luxury Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue massage is designed to relieve severe muscle tension and stress on the connective tissues. 

This type of massage focuses on the deeper muscle structures. Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience chronic pain, and are involved in heavy physical activity, such as athletes, and patients who have sustained physical injury

 £45 for 60 min       

Hot Coconut & Vanilla 

Steamed coconut and vanilla hot packs are gently pressed onto the skin. The hot packs release warm coconut oil which is them massaged into the body. This massage comes all the way from the southern shores of Malaysia and is known to soothe aching muscles and zero your stress levels. The unique fatty acids in the coconut oil are well known for their profound 'positive effect' on your health.

This exquisite massage is unique to Chill. It was taught to Christopher during his training in Malaysia and is practised no where else in the UK or Ireland.

£45 for 60 min       

Traditional Thai Foot Massage

We start with a Sal Ibiza Mint (salt) Scrub then a Neroli Coco & Shea butter deep tissue massage followed by a lighter Argan Thai Ginger and Lime Oil massage.

The feet and lower legs are massaged using traditional Thai massage techniques. Hot steam towel wraps (are steamed in ginger water Thai style) are used to reduce tension and keep the feet toasty warm during the treatment.

The session ends with an optional 10  minute Thai head massage at no extra charge or you can take the time to have a wee snooze.

£45  for 60 min