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Massage Training

Courses Restart Feb 2017

At present all our courses are on hold. 

All our courses carry a Europe-wide recognised certificate allowing those who qualify to practise in most EU countries. 

After the recent Brexit referendum result, we are reviewing  regulations around massage in Europe. 

At present, no one seems to know how things will pan out. So rather than qualify students and hand out certificates that may not be valid we are holding off for six months just to be sure that students will be adequately qualified. 

We are taking this opportunity to revise course materials and content. 

Start Something Amazing

Get a qualification employers really value and fulfil your ambitions to be an outstanding masseur. Whether you are planning to be self employed, want to boost your employability, or would like to improve your position and climb the ladder with your current employer, Chill can help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to stand out from the crowd. 

Chill is an innovative and forward thinking school which aims to produce high quality graduates in massage. Chill's Origin massage course brings together Eastern and Western massage techniques, fusing these to produce an exciting new approach. 

Chill is the premiere trainer of working masseurs in Europe and gives students everything they need to confidently establish their own business. At Chill the aim is to produce professional masseurs who have a complete understanding of the key massage techniques and an understanding of the bio-psychosocial impact of massage on their clients. 

Staff have a wealth of experience in massage and teaching at an advanced level, and have excellent links with the international massage community.

Thai Massage Weekend Course

This weekend course is for those who are genuinely interested in the fundamantals that underpin the science of traditional Thai Massage. 80% of this weekend is hands on learning ... the remainder in lecture format.

You will learn a full body basic Thai massage routine that will give you a good idea of what the full system involves. Our weekend workshops are a chilled out fun way to discover the wonderful world of eastern massage.


Traditional Thai Practitioners course

This incredibly detailed course offers more than any other Traditional Thai Massage Course in Europe. 170 hours hands on practise over 21 days. 5 of these days are a back to back residential the rest taken over 5 weekends. This course takes 6 months to complete and also requires 100 hours documented on-line study. Completion of this course allows the student to make a start as a professional masseur.

Origin Massage Pro Practitioners Course

Our Origin Science based Massage Course is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. It is a university level course that will be taught over one year. 300 hours hands on study with a further 300 hours on-line study. Graduates of this course will start their practise at a level far beyond that of the average experienced massage practitioner.