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Chill Yoga
Teacher:  Lynn McConnell
Why 'one-to-one' sessions instead of a class?
When we learn yoga in a class situation we miss all the fine but very important adjustments that are essential in developing a good yoga practise. Even excellent yoga teachers cannot always keep their eye on everyone in the class at the same time. Small misalignments can be missed, that in time grow into big problems.

Of course you can only move a class on as far as its slowest student.  

The benefits of a 'one-to-one' yoga session: 
You will learn a personal practise suitable for you
You can choose times that are suitable to your lifestyle
You can ask all the questions you want
The lesson will move at a pace suitable for your level of fitness
You can choose the frequency of lessons to suit your pocket
You will learn up to 10 times more in a private session that you will in a class
Personal physical and mental hurdles will be focused on and overcome
Lynn Charges: £30 per session or £120 for 4 block booking

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