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Chill Posture Clinic

Good posture - The Way Back To Pain Free Living.

Much of our pain results from how we hold ourselves and how we move. We have lost sight of what is healthy posture.  In fact, many popular guidelines for good posture do more harm than good.

We need to return to the ways of moving that were normal for us in earlier times. Fortunately, as you will discover, there is a method that is effective from the start and quick to learn.

once you have learned the key principles there is almost no demand on your time. The basic principles are integrated into all your positions and movements.

You will learn to sit, sleep, stand, walk and bend in ways that strengthen and protect your bones and muscles.

Your physical activities become effective exercises to stretch and strengthen your body rather that hurt it.

Sessions can be taken individually or in the form of a comprehensive course.

Because this is a whole body principle .. a course is recommended.


Per session £25

Per course of 8 sessions £175

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